TUT BTech in International Communication

TUT BTech in International Communication

Qualification code: BTIC97 – NQF Level 7
Campus where offered: Soshanguve North Campus
Important notification to new applicants:
Students who intend to enrol for this qualification should take note that no new applications will
be accepted as from 2022. Potential students are advised to consult the University’s website
for possible new qualifications which are aligned with the newly-implemented Higher Education
Qualification Sub-Framework.

a. Admission requirement(s):
A National Diploma in International Communication or a relevant equivalent qualification (at
NQF Level 6) obtained from a university or a university of technology. An applicant must have
60% or more in both, International Relations III and Communication Science III or a minimum
of one year’s relevant industry experience (in the form of a verifiable portfolio of evidence) for
applicants who do not meet the requirement of 60%.

b. Selection criteria:
Admission is subject to selection.

c. Minimum duration:
One year.

d. Presentation and class attendance:
Block-mode classes offered over a period of two years on Saturday mornings, with one or two
subjects offered as evening classes. Subjects are offered at the location (Soshanguve North
or Pretoria campuses) as determined by the Head of the Department.

e. Intake for the qualification:
January only.

f. Exclusion and readmission:
See Chapter 2 of Students’ Rules and Regulations.

g. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), equivalence and status:
See Chapter 30 of Students’ Rules and Regulations.

h. Subject credits:
Subject credits are shown in brackets after each subject.

Key to asterisks:
* Information does not correspond to information in Report 151.
(Deviations approved by the Senate in September 2007.)
On completion of the Baccalaureus Technologiae: International Communication, students might be
considered for continuing with the Magister Technologiae: Strategic Communication.

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