UCT Honours in Media Theory & Practice

By | March 23, 2021

UCT Honours in Media Theory & Practice

Honours in Media Theory & Practice

126 NQF credits


Professor Adam Haupt

Admission requirements

(a) Faculty requirements are set out under rule FH3

(b) Specialisation requirements:

  • Completion of a three year BA degree or equivalent degree with a strong emphasis on journalism or media or closely related disciplines.
  • A portfolio of media work and details of relevant media experience
  • Normally candidates will be expected to have an upper second or better result for their first degree.

Prescribed curriculum:

Honours students are required to complete a research essay or creative production plus four taught courses. Please look at this page to identify potential supervisors whose research interests correspond with yours.

Compulsory courses

NQF credits HEQSF level
FAM4008F Media Theory and Media Research 24 8
FAM4009H Media Research Project 30 8
FAM4008F Media Theory and Media Research 24 8
FAM4012H Media Creative Production 30 8
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Elective courses

Three courses from the list below:


FAM4007F Narrative Literary Journalism 24 8
FAM4010F Media Markets and Media Strategy 24 8
FAM4011F/S Media Internship 24 8
FAM4013F Political Communication 24 8
FAM4014S Political Journalism 24 8
FAM4017F Advanced Television Analysis 24 8
FAM4018S Crisis Communication in Africa 24 8
FAM4036S Film and Environment 24 8
FAM5011S Media and the Public Domain 24 9
FAM5014S Media and National Development Policy 24 9
FAM5015W Making the Critical Documentary 24 9
FAM5016S Creative Non-Fiction 24 9
FAM5038S Mobile Media and Communications 24 9
AXL4405S Visual Anthropology 24 8

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