University of Cape Town UCT Gap Years

By | March 18, 2021

University of Cape Town UCT Gap Years

Preparing for a gap year

Should you intend taking a gap year after grade 12, we recommend that you apply as though you will be studying in the year of your gap year, i.e. immediately after school. In addition to applying, we recommend that you do everything that is required of you as a regular applicant. These may include writing placement tests, submitting a portfolio, etc.

Deferring your application

Should you, as an applicant, decide not to study in the year for which you are applying, but the year thereafter, you will need to request that your application be deferred. Please note that any offers already made you in the current year, whether of a place of study, scholarship or residence, cannot be deferred. In other words, deferred applications will compete for a place with other applicants in the year to which the application was deferred.

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