University of Fort Hare Centenary Conference

University of Fort Hare Centenary Conference

University of Fort Hare Centenary Conference, The University of Fort Hare is indeed more determined than ever to build on its distinctive and illustrious past. The University will be celebrating its Centenary in 2016, and to contribute to the celebrations a number of activities will take place throughout the year. One such activity is to organise an international academic conference under the theme

“Transformation in Higher Education & Leadership: Looking back at a Century of Intellectual and Scholarly Commitment in Africa”. This Centenary conference will be jointly organised in collaboration with Universities South Africa (USA), formerly HESA, and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

The conference will be opened on the evening of the 3rd July 2016. The formal conference will take place from the 4-6 July 2016; and will be preceded by pre-conference activities such as workshops, policy seminars, and round table discussions from 1st-2nd July. Delegates are advised to register for these activities will be together with a call for scientific papers with clear guidelines. See details of conference fees under the registration section of the Conference Call for Abstracts.

Accommodation will be offered by hotels, B&B’s
in East London, King Williams Town, Hogsback and Alice. ‘Let’s Travel’ agent is responsible for coordinating, booking and accommodation through owners including shuttle services. More accommodation is available at residencies for delegates who need to be closer to the conference venue.

The rich cultural and political heritage lends itself to promote tours at the university and within the sub-district for revenue generation. Several tours will be organised on daily basis. Information regarding transport is available on the information centre.
Historical Tour

Delegates will be taken around to see residences and special halls where meetings used to take place.
ANC Archives / Painting Tours
Painting and art collections will have an opportunity to be viewed. The university of Fort Hare is the only University which has the opportunity to keep the ANC archives. Delegates will experience it through the tour.

Agricultural Tour

The university of Fort Hare is rich in farming expertise and gives its experience to the community and gives learning using latest technology. 
External Tours to Madonna and Child Waterfall

The waterfalls are around the Hogsback Area.


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