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The department is composed of two main streams, namely:

  1. Human Resource Systems Administration – this stream focuses on rendering an efficient human resources administration, the administration of benefits and conditions of employment and human resources legislative compliance; and
  2. Human Resources Professional Services – this stream renders professional support and consultancy service to the HR customers in such areas as Labour Relations, Human Resources Development, Recruitment, Selection and Placement within a single unit.

This approach proposes to address:

  • Customer expectations (One-stop-practitioners);
  • Facilitation of career-pathing and development of position incumbents to the higher positions;
  • Facilitation of the benchmarking process of the positions with the market; and
  • Facilitation of delivery of and effective and efficient Human Resource service.

The Human Resources Strategy shall provide a consistent framework that ensures that:

  • Employees and other stakeholders understand and contribute towards the Vision of the University  of Fort Hare with a clear focus on its Strategic Objectives;
  • The University of Fort Hare Values have been institutionalised and integrated into the way we do business;
  • Employees communicate openly, honestly and continuously in all directions;
  • Long-term, stable relationships with all stakeholders are in place;
  • Human resources policies, guidelines and procedures are aligned with best practice and legislation with regards to:
    • The people and social aspects of the university’s planning;
    • Performance Management;
    • Employee communications;
    • Work design;
    • Human Resources Development;
    • Remuneration;
    • Recruitment, selection, assessment and placement;
    • Equity;
    • Employee relations; and
    • Socio-economic development
  • The University of Fort Hare recognises and actively pursues the need to facilitate the socio-economic advancement of surrounding communities, within the constraints of its limited resources;