University of South Africa UNISA Application 2021 – 2022

By | August 6, 2021

University of South Africa UNISA Application 2021 – 2022

2021 – 2022 application for admission

Undergraduate qualifications: higher certificates, diplomas & degrees, advanced certificates, advanced diplomas, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) & BTech degrees:
14 August – 29 September 2021

Honours and postgraduate diplomas & master’s and doctoral degrees:
11 September – 13 November 2021

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Undergraduate & honours qualifications Registration FAQs


I want to register, but didn’t apply during the application period. What should I do?

You will need to apply for admission during the next application period. Please visit for more information.

Can I transfer from another university to Unisa?

Yes, except if you were excluded / suspended from a prior institution of higher education on grounds of misconduct. You do, however, need to apply to Unisa first. Please visit for the dates for the next application period.

Can I register with Unisa and another university simultaneously?

Only if the qualification you register for at Unisa is for non-degree purposes and if you have written permission from the other university allowing concurrent registration. You must submit this written permission at the time of application and registration. Remember too, if you do not have a Unisa student number you first need to apply. Please visit for the dates for the next application period.

Can I register for two or more formal programmes at Unisa simultaneously?

Unfortunately not.

How do I get an academic record or credit certificate?

Submit your request via myUnisa and it will be e-mailed to your myLife e-mail account. This PDF document is password protected. You will only be able to access with your identity number / passport number (the ID number or the password number on record at Unisa).

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Why does my qualification have a new NQF level?

In 2008, the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Act No 67 replaced the South African Qualifications Authority Act No 58 of 1995.

In line with the NQF Act, there are now 10 levels on the NQF, which means that all qualifications changed from the 8-level framework to the 10-level framework, for example: A 3-year bachelor degree was previously placed on an NQF level 6. The new NQF level is a 7. Click here for more information.

Please note: Qualifications with the old NQF levels will continue to receive the same recognition as qualifications awarded in terms of the new NQF levels and the Higher Education Qualification Sub-Framework alignment.

When can I register for a module if I was registered before and did not write the exam for the module?

After the official release of the exam results for that exam period, but before the appropriate closing date for registrations.

Did you know that some Unisa qualifications include workplace-based learning?

Specific modules in certain qualifications offered at Unisa include workplace-based learning that must be completed. Please check if the qualification you have chosen has any work-integrated learning (WIL) modules. This experience is called work-integrated learning or experiential learning, and must be completed under the supervision of a suitably qualified and experienced person (mentor). This experience is mandatory for passing that module and achieving your qualification. Please check, before registering for such a module, that you will be able to complete this work-integrated learning component.

Students who do not have placement at an employer can contact the relevant academic department for assistance in finding a suitable experiential learning provider to gain this experience.

Will Unisa recognise my prior learning?

When applying to Unisa, Unisa will consider your previous learning. This includes both formal education at a tertiary institution (eg formal certificate, diploma and degree qualifications) and informal learning (eg knowledge or skills acquired during practical work experience, including community work in a relevant field). Visit for more information.

I applied for exemptions previously and have not been notified whether or not I was successful.

Please make sure that you have followed the application procedure for credit exemptions. Visit for the application process. Once you have confirmed that you followed the correct procedure, please send an e-mail to

I completed my education in a country other than South Africa. What should I do?

If you did and you’re registering for a bachelor degree, you must apply for a certificate of conditional matric exemption through the Access and Exemption Office at Unisa (

I did not register with Unisa for the past few years. Can I still complete my degree?

You will need to confirm whether or not Unisa still offers your qualification. Visit to check this information. If you need to apply for a new qualification, please take note of Unisa’s application process and academic progression rules.

During registration

What are the registration dates and times for formal qualifications?

Visit for all registration dates and times.

My application for admission was approved and I registered online. What must I do now?

Please be patient while we process your registration. If you see that your registration will not be processed by the closing date for registrations, please visit your nearest Unisa Regional Office.

What is the NQF-level and credit weight of the module?

The information on will clearly indicate the NQF level of a module.

How do I know if a module is a semester or year module?

The module information on will clearly indicate whether the module is a semester or year module.

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How do I cancel or add a module?

  • You need to complete Unisa’s DSAR02 form to cancel or add a module. You may also do this via myUnisa.
  • Please note that if you voluntarily cancel your registration of a module for any reason whatsoever, you will forfeit a part of or the entire fee paid as prescribed in the fee payment schedule.

Please also take note of Unisa’s academic progression rules on the number of modules you are required to pass per year.


  • Students who decide not to register for an academic year or a semester must apply for deferment (permission to not register for a concurrent academic year) by submitting the DSAR26 form before the closing date of each registration period. The form cannot be used to cancel or move your current registration to the next semester or academic year.
  • A student cannot apply for deferment after he or she has registered for a semester or academic year.

How many years do I have to complete a specific qualification?

Time limits for completing qualifications:

  • 3 years to complete a 120-credit qualification (eg higher certificate or advanced certificate, or honours and postgraduate diploma)
  • 8 years to complete a 360-credit qualification (3-year degree or diploma)
  • 10 years to complete a 480-credit qualification (4-year degree)

Please also take note of Unisa’s academic progression rules.

I need some proof of my Unisa registration.

As soon as your Unisa registration has been finalised, a letter confirming your registration for the semester or academic year will be sent to your myLife e-mail account. You may also request this via myUnisa and a copy will be sent to your myLife e-mail account.


Do I need to attend classes?

Unisa is a distance education university, which means that you study at a distance. We do not offer classes, but we do offer some tutorial classes for certain modules.

I registered and paid, but have not received any correspondence from Unisa.

  • If you have not yet paid your minimum initial amount, visit for banking details.
  • If you have already made a payment, please check that you have paid the correct amount according to Unisa’s fee structure. Follow this link for a quotation:
  • Check that you do not have any library books outstanding from a previous registration period. You can do this on myUnisa:
  • Ensure that your registration meets all the pre-requisites and co-requisites. Visit the Unisa registration website for more information:

I registered for the first semester, and I would like to change to the second semester

You may only request this change during the first semester registration period.

How much will I forfeit if I cancel my modules?

  • Semester 1 modules: If you cancel a module before 15 March, you forfeit the minimum initial amount. You will forfeit the full amount if you cancel after 15 March.
  • Semester 2 modules: If you cancel a module before 15 August, you will forfeit the minimum initial amount. You will forfeit the full amount if you cancel after 15 August.

For more information, visit

How can I apply for a formal letter of academic record (hard copy format)?

Complete the DSAR08 form available under forms and codes on the Unisa website and submit it via e-mail to Include your postal address so that a hard copy of your academic record can be posted to you.