Varsity College Hockey

Varsity College Hockey

Varsity College Hockey Club (VCHC) has been officially confirmed as a constituent member of KZN Hockey as a stand-alone club and has been included in the woman’s and men’s premier divisions, known as the ‘super league’. Since this announcement, VCHC has also been granted playing rights at Riverside Sports and will use this venue as the home ground for practices and home matches, with all members and officials being subject to the rules and conditions of Riverside Sports.

VCHC is specifically a student based club, catering primarily for students between the ages of 18 to 25 years of age. Varsity College full time students and scholars who are registered to attend Varsity College in 2014, and who are currently members of RHC, will be freely released to be members of and play for VCHC as long as there is a formal request from VCHC and the student player concerned, to the Riverside Hockey Club for clearance.

“Varsity College is committed to running its hockey club at Riverside in the best interest of its students, but also of hockey in general at Riverside Sports and in the community at large. As such it will look for opportunities to work with Riverside Hockey Club to further the interests of both clubs in a spirit of co-operation off the field and develop mutually beneficial structures, that do not inhibit the independent working of either club. These new structures can elevate hockey in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal and possibly even South Africa, towards a vision of true collaboration for the benefit of the game”, said Simon Nicolson, National Marketing Manager of Varsity College.

“This new far reaching and indeed ‘hybrid’ relationship on the Riverside Sports site which has brought together our own outstanding Riverside Hockey Club and the new ‘student’ Varsity College Hockey Club will ensure that the World Class Hockey facilities that we offer at Riverside Sports are maximised to offer top class sports and recreational fellowship. It is a testament to the foresight of the negotiating teams of the two Hockey Clubs who worked so hard to put hockey first and I know that the Varsity College Hockey Club will not mind me congratulating Riverside Hockey Club and its entire membership on the vision that they have shown in being prepared to share our wonderful facilities in this manner. It is without doubt a brilliant example and indeed a testament to the RHC’s mantra of pure hockey enjoyment”, stated Roger Gardner, CEO of Riverside Sports Club.

Players who migrate from RHC to VCHC whilst furthering their academic careers, and firstly following the necessary transfer protocol, will always be welcome back at RHC. According to RHC representatives, it is hoped that graduating VCHC players will re-join RHC after their Academic careers are over. Wayne Phillip, Chairman Of Riverside Hockey Club, concluded, “This achievement is surely unique in South African Hockey and yet another reason why Riverside Sports is the venue of choice for hockey players countrywide.”