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Varsity College Library

About Varsity College Libraries
Each Varsity College campus contains a library that has been set up to provide innovative information services and conducive learning spaces for our students and staff. See what Services we offer.

Each VC library is designed to be a vibrant, inviting environment for collaboration, networking, private study and reflection. We offer a full set of Information Resources to support your studies.

Our cutting-edge informational technology infrastructure means that students also have access to virtual learning spaces; along with online databases that provide access to the resources of the broader IIE library and those of other higher education institutions across South Africa. Check out our Library Catalogue here.

In addition, speak to your librarian about the Academic Support Sessions we offer at VC – in the form of database training and academic writing, research and referencing workshops. Contact your campus librarian for more information.

Library Catalogue
Information Resources: Varsity College campus libraries ensure you have easy access to the up-to-date, relevant information you need. Read about how to access these resources.
Reference material: The following is the full list of print publications and electronic resources that Varsity College students and staff can access.
Services: This section of the site provides a quick summary of all the information VC students and staff need to begin using their campus library to its maximum potential.
About Us: Click here to read about Varsity College libraries as part of the broader Independent Institute of Education (IIE) library. This details your access to a wide range of resources and academic support.
Academic Support: Varsity College librarians are actively involved in supporting students from digital literacy, to referencing, to information retrieval.
Contact Us: This is a Librarian’s Directory including librarians’ name, campuses, telephone numbers & email addresses.