Varsity College Primary School

Varsity College Primary School

The Varsity College Primary School engages students from Years Prep to 6 in a vibrant learning community focused on challenging students and enabling them to grow as learners.

Primary School teachers work together across and within year levels to plan purposefully and implement curriculum under the guidance and support of the Primary School’s Directors of Learning. From this year, we are implementing the National Curriculum in English, Mathematics and Science.

We encourage our young learners to become proactive and take advantage of every learning challenge with tenacity. We foster innovation, collaboration and achievement through an inquiry approach to learning and ensure higher order thinking skills form a strong basis to each student’s learning ethic.

We wish all students well in their learning journey as they move from Preparatory to Year 6.  The learning journey is an individual process, and in the Primary School each student is supported ensuring their needs are met within our learning environments, and the quality relationships formed.

In the Primary School we believe all students can achieve success through positive relationships which can motivate them through high quality learning experiences.  We therefore encourage all parents and guardians to take an active role, and welcome you into our school.​

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