Varsity College Sports

Varsity College Sports

From social to serious competitors, our sporting programme caters for everyone.
As part of Varsity College’s commitment to offering our students a more holistic educational experience, we provide a wide assortment of sporting activities. Get out there, get active, enjoy instruction from experts and take advantage of supplied equipment. Campuses are equipped with extra boats, bikes and boards for beginners to learn on, and in certain instances, travel assistance is offered for extra convenience (e,g. between the Durban North campus and beach for Learning to Surf classes).

Our sporting programmes cater for everyone! Events range from USSA (University Sports South Africa) inter-campus tournaments and serious “Big Team” league and club matches, to more laid-back, social sporting get-togethers and an array of “action” sports on campus.


Although each VC campus offers a wide array of sporting activities and events – more than what’s listed below – the following are the specialties of each campuscollege. Click on each sport to find out more.

Durban North
Hockey, Rugby, Surfing, Surfski, Canoeing, Mountain biking
Swimming, Surfing, Surfski/paddling, Golf, Mountain biking, Canoeing, Action netball, Action/indoor soccer
Football, Action cricket, Canoeing, Triathlon, Mountain biking
Football, Golf, Triathlon, Mountain biking, Action Soccer, Action Netball, Action Cricket
Waterfall – Midrand
Golf, Action soccer, Action Netball, 5-a-side soccer, Mountain biking
Triathlon, Golf, Canoeing, Mountain biking, Action netball, Action cricket, Action hockey, Action football
Port Elizabeth
Surfski, Surfing, Canoeing, Cricket, Golf, Mountain biking
Cape Town
Outdoor Football (League & Internal League), Indoor Football, TAG Rugby (SA TAG Rugby League), Surfing, Surfski/Canoeing, Action Cricket & Last Man Standing Cricket, Mountain Biking/Cycling, Hiking, Outdoor Netball (League & Internal League), Action Netball


To take part in campus-offered sports, students must register with the Varsity College Sports Club. The Sports Club is managed by the campus Sports & Social Coordinator who works closely with student Club Captains – experienced and passionate young sportsmen and women who act as ambassadors for their discipline, and nurture their classmates.


Many of our top athletes are bursary students who play the role of Sports Life Captain in their respective disciplines. If you meet the minimum requirement of having played at a first or second team level in your Matric year, consider applying for a Varsity College sports bursaries:

•Sports Life Captains Bursary: For an individual achiever in any of the Sports Life disciplines (see below) offered at any of the eight campuses.
•Team Sports Bursary: Put forward to team sport coaches on-campus, who then allocate bursary amounts to deserving students.

Click here to learn more about Varsity College scholarships, bursaries and how to apply.


For more serious, semi-professional athletes, consider studying at one of the Varsity College campuses that have Centres of Excellence for specific sports. On these campuses there is enough talent to form a professionally-trained and supported team.

Cape Town – Waterpolo
Durban North – Hockey, Rugby, Golf
Sandton – Basketball


Sports Life focuses on outdoor activities that are fun, healthy and geared towards the individual. These include sports such as mountain biking, running, canoeing, surfskiing and triathlon. Sports Life provides great opportunities for students to get outdoors and get active while meeting new people, and we encourage our students to participate at both a social and competitive level.