Varsity College Textbooks

Varsity College Textbooks

CD Hechter and his wife Hettie Hechter founded Wize Books straight out of articles with the first branch opening in Pretoria in January 2010. Instead of getting a job like their fellow article clerks, CD and Hettie had a passion for entrepreneurship.

They had started supplying academic books to collegues during their clerkship and the business idea grew from there. The Pretoria store has a unique look and feel as it is housed in steel containers while employing over 20 staff members.

In 2014 Wize Books was introduced to Varsity College by Valecia van Rensburg, Valecia identified the Wize Books competitive advantage which she sums up simply – better prices combined with service excellence.

These two outcomes are made possible by the execution of the Wize Books key values:


Doing what is right


Living with enthusiasm and unwavering commitment


If it is to be, it’s up to me


What we do, we do well


Being accountable for our actions and inactions

The relationship with Varsity College commenced in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength. Wize Books are proud to supply the students of Varsity College with their academic material, striving to provide the student with all their materials on time and at the best possible price.