Varsity College Varsity Lakes

Varsity College Varsity Lakes

Varsity College is a P-12 college located in Varsity Lakes, Queensland, Australia. The college has appeared in many films and television shows, most notably The Sleepover Club.

Varsity College is one of the largest schools in Queensland, with over 3000 students across two campuses and four sub-schools. Led by the Executive Principal, each sub-school has a Head of School and Deputy Heads of School who are accountable for the achievement outcomes for each student within their sub-school. We are committed to providing a school where your child can experience success on a daily basis.

We believe for this to occur the school needs to build upon four pillars of success: academic, cultural, sporting and community.

At Varsity College we value the ideals of an International education. Our International Programs foster cultural understanding and personal development for our visitors and for our school community. Through our programs, we provide opportunities for students and staff to form life-long global networks.

Varsity College welcomes visitors from overseas destinations on both short-term and long-term programs. Our school community values the cultural heritage of other nations and is very interested in developing global networks of friendship, education and business.

We host study tours every year and welcome many International students. These students choose to study with us because of our diverse and innovative curriculum, as well as a school culture that is second to none.

Our Graduate program students find that our host families friendly and supportive, whilst their welfare is with the school. What does it mean to be under Varsity College’s welfare? It means as the Executive Principal, I am your legal guardian for the duration of your study at Varsity College.

I welcome you to become part of our International Family. We know that this will be a mutual rewarding experience that results in you achieving your desired goals.